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Timothy Khoo

Existential Coach & Sojourner Guide

A former President and Chief Executive Officer of a global charitable
organisation, Timothy now lives with the reality of the undeniable fact that true leadership is not only exercised with skillful hands but with integrity of heart. Living with a sense of his own flaws, he invites you to a journey of conversation and through that, the discovery of
renewed meaning, purpose, and passion.

For over a quarter of a century, Timothy has led, mentored and coached leaders from a multiplicity of vocations and positions in over a hundred countries. Residing in Singapore but with
extensive cross-cultural engagement and experience, Timothy will help you navigate the challenging yet beautiful space between using what is within you to understand what is around you.

The Perils of Leadership (with Timothy Khoo)

Oct. 4, 2022

EPISODE 58 In this special episode of the Leadership series, I share a conversation with a fellow interior pilgrim who had tasted the heights of success in leadership but found himself tumbling into the search for authentici…

Guest: Timothy Khoo