A Message from Your Host

"I created Becoming Me for those who are seeking to live authentic lives, and who wish to discover the unique ways in which their lives and gifts can make this world a better place.

I have been on such a journey for the better part of my life and have had the privilege of meeting many others who share the same desire to make this journey.

I hope that the stories I share and the experiences and wisdom I have gleaned on the way may in some way illuminate your own path. 

May it help you to access the power and wisdom you need to become the unrepeatable, unique and beautiful YOU that you were created to be!"

- Ann Yeong

About the Host

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Ann Yeong

Speaker, Integrative Life Consultant-Coach

Ann has over 12 years of experience in human and spiritual formation in the Catholic Church in Singapore. She is known for her warm personality, clarity in communication, and knack for engaging audiences in both mind and heart. She draws upon her inter-disciplinary learning and practical life experiences in philosophy, psychology, pedagogy and Catholic theology / spirituality to make profound concepts about the interior journey simple and relatable.

Ann helps lay disciples of Christ discover their unique path to an emotionally-healthy and spiritually-fruitful life of mission and service. Ann is a certified practitioner of the The Myers-Briggs Company Pte Ltd MBTI® Step I™ and Step II™ instrument and is also certified to coach with the Motivation Code™. Visit her website at www.integroformation.com (link below) to learn more.