Becoming Me

Becoming Me

Becoming Me is your podcast companion and coach in your journey to a more integrated and authentic self. I explore the joys and challenges of the interior journey, and share practical wisdom about growing in wholeness and in living the authentic life.


Can You Be Gentler With Yourself?

July 20, 2021

EPISODE 26 (BONUS) Do you try to dominate and push yourself into living more authentically? Or have you learned to accompany yourself with reverence and compassion? (This episode first appeared as an IGTV and Facebook video ) ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Other episodes that would help you understand and ap…

I Know I Need to Slow Down But I Can't

June 29, 2021

EPISODE 25 (BONUS) What do you do when you find yourself living life at an unsustainable pace? Do you slow yourself down or find yourself peddling harder, thinking that you'll catch up if you go fast enough? In this special bonus episode, I bring you 'behind the scenes' into how I accompany myself …

Is it Selfish to Live the Life I Want?

June 15, 2021

EPISODE 24 It can be easy to feel guilty for wanting to live a life that would make ourselves happy. As a result, many of us end up living according to other people's desires for us instead of choosing a life aligned to our own heart's deep desire. In this episode, I explain why listening to our he…

Safe Spaces for Growth: Trust, Truth and Compassion

June 1, 2021

EPISODE 23 If we want go beyond feeling accepted for being who we are and to actually grow in authenticity and wholeness and become our best selves, we will need safe spaces that will give us the courage and faith to confront the things in our lives that need confronting. In this episode, I expand …

Being A Safe Space For Myself (with Edwina Yeow)

May 18, 2021

EPISODE 22 How hospitable are you to yourself? Does your inner self feel safe to reveal itself to you? Are you able to believe that all your emotions - even anger, hurt, envy, and other 'negative' feelings come bearing a gift for you? This episode is the second half of a two-part conversation I hav…

Guest: Edwina Yeow

Safe Spaces For Becoming (with Edwina Yeow)

May 4, 2021

EPISODE 21 Have you experienced a lack of understanding and acceptance when you had opened up to someone you trusted about your interior journey? We need people who can be safe spaces for us as we make this journey, but we need to know how to identify them. In this first half of a two-part conversa…

Guest: Edwina Yeow

About the Host

Ann Yeong

Speaker, Integrative Life Consultant-Coach

Ann has over 12 years of experience in human and spiritual formation in the Catholic Church in Singapore. She is known for her warm personality, clarity in communication, and knack for engaging audiences in both mind and heart. She draws upon her inter-disciplinary learning and practical life experiences in philosophy, psychology, pedagogy and Catholic theology / spirituality to make profound concepts about the interior journey simple and relatable.

Ann is a certified practitioner of the The Myers-Briggs Company Pte Ltd MBTI® Step I™ and Step II™ instrument and is also certified to coach with the Motivation Code™.