Loving Much vs Loving Well

While the reasons for committing to healing and wholeness are many, the main reason that drew me into this journey and which keeps me going even when it is challenging is this:

I want to be able to LOVE WELL. In other words, I deeply desire to have healthy and intimate relationships that give joy and life to myself and others.

I have always desired intimacy and love, and I can honestly say that I have often LOVED MUCH. I have loved deeply, passionately, sincerely - and I thought that was all that was needed in love. Yet I was mistaken.

Loving Much ≠ Loving Well

We can love much and harm ourselves and others if we do not also learn how to love well.

And loving well is something we simply cannot do unless we heal and integrate our core selves from the unconscious traumas we may have accumulated in our lives.

Loving well means breaking the generational cycles of dysfunction that has become known to us as "culture".

Loving well means becoming our true selves and loving others in such a way that sets them free to become their true selves too.

- Ann Yeong