Leadership & Integrated Spirituality

Good leadership is usually associated with confidence, ability, strength and impact. But what about the interior landscape of the leader? More often than not, what we experience on the inside is lack of confidence, vulnerability, doubt, and anxiety over our weaknesses.

This tension between our interior reality and the exterior that is often expected of good leaders can either help us grow in integration and authenticity as leaders or it could tempt us to disconnect from our inner selves and become inauthentic leaders with fragile egos.

When it comes to being a "good Christian leader", the challenges and tensions can become even more amplified, especially if our faith is purely intellectual and not yet integrated into our identity.

"A Leader's Spirituality" is a live-taught online course with recordings that is offered through the Catholic Leadership Centre (Singapore). It is designed to help participants learn how to develop an embodied spirituality that anchors their development as leaders in a deepening personal relationship with Christ.

For more information visit: https://www.integroformation.com/als