ANN CHATS | How can I pray for others contemplatively?

In this time of grave international suffering and crisis with the war in Ukraine, the need to pray for the world is greater than ever.

Today, 2 March 2022 is also Ash Wednesday, and a day Pope Francis invites all Christians and people of good will to fast and pray for peace.

Do you wish to pray for others but find that keeping a list of intentions or trying to figure out how to pray distracts you from actually praying?

Do you find that using set prayers or pre-written intercessory prayers to be insufficient in meeting your desire to unite your heart with God's?

In this video, I talk about how contemplative prayer can be an all-encompassing and deeply unitive way of interceding for the world.

It is a way of praying that does not require us to think, know or remember much, but requires us simply to be fully present to Divine Love and to love much in, with and through God.

I invite you to watch and listen to my sharing, and perhaps consider if the Holy Spirit may be inviting you into contemplative prayer this Lent!

- Ann Yeong