4 Layers (or Modes) of Knowing God

How can we love what we do not know? Or really come to know what we do not love?

When it comes to relationship, knowing and loving are intimately connected. So it matters for us to consider what we mean by "knowing" someone.

If you are someone who desires to know and love God more deeply, are you aware of the different modes or layers of knowing Him? If you are not aware, there is a high chance that you are only seeking to know God in only one or two of these layers and finding that despite your efforts you don't seem to be drawing closer in the depths of your being to the God you want to love more.

In this video I give just a glimpse of the complexity of what "knowing" can consist of when we are seeking a relationship with God. To know and love God with all our mind, heart, soul and strength requires all parts of us and ever deeper modes of knowing.

- Ann Yeong